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Our Mission At
Hebra Professional

Is to provide beauty professionals with higher quality products that aren’t harmful or detrimental to their health. Beauty Professional will be able to offer their clients healthier hair and they can show off nourished, strong and silky hair.

Everyone deserves to use products that makes their hair stronger and healthier. All our products are made with high quality ingredients that improve hair’s texture, manageability, and shine. Our keratin treatment cuts the traditional process in half by removing time-consuming steps. It is an effective tool that eliminates dry, weak strands and takes your hair from dull to soft and shiny with as little as one treatment. Our full line of HEBRA haircare was created to give you your best hair day every day.

Save Time On Treatment

Reduce the time and labor of the treatment. You only dry and straighten the hair once.

Pure Organic

We use organic ingredients processed  for the best absorption of the strand.

Natural Care

Our system restructures the strand, nourishing it from the inside out.

Hebra Simplified Keratin Botox Restructuring

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What Our Customers Say

Honestly never write reviews, but my hair stylist recommended Hebra and it is the BEST!!! My hair is super full, shiny, smell is amazing, and it lathers a lot so you don't need to use as much as you think!
Jennifer Lewis
Used this for the first time today and loving how my hair is feeling so far! Super soft and hydrated without feeling weighed down. My hair/scalp is super dry in general and I think this will help a lot!
Alicia Heart
The daily shampoo and golden drops smell amazing and have added so much hydration to my hair! I’ve noticed a big difference in my hair since I’ve used this. I couldn’t recommend these products enough.
Carissa Marshall

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