HEBRA Purifying Shampoo



Use HEBRA Purifying Shampoo prior to Hebra Regenerative Botox Keratin System

Apply to wet hair, massage into scalp and throughout the length of hair, and rinse well. Repeat process 2-4 times.

Formulated with an advanced foaming action to gently remove excess oil, product residue and environmental irritants like pollution and smoke. This deep cleanser whisks away the impurities that strips hair of his life and luster. Our Sulfate Free gently formula opens the cuticle for optimum absorption of Hebra Regenerative Botox Keratin System. Without leaving the hair dull or ruff; to avoid hair breakage. Highly recommended for oily hair anti-dandruff & volumizing shampoo. 
750 ml and 25.36 fl.oz. 
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