Keratin Botox

The First Simplified Commercial Restructuring
Keratin Treatment

With gentle organic ingredients that effectively heal, fortify, repair and reconstruct the hair strand from the inside to the outside. Enhances shine, and makes hair soft and strong. Our simplified system will save you time and effort. Our hydro active formula starts working as soon as is applied to a wet hair. Rinse blow dry, flat iron. Simple as 1,2,3  

Hebra Simplified Keratin Botox restructuring

Meticulously formulated to be an effective and safer alternative keratin treatment. Formaldehyde FREE formula and free of others harmful chemicals. We use the highest quality organic ingredients chemically develop to reconstruct and regenerate hair strand. Our gentle formula is designed to be an effective tool to eliminate frizz, dryness, dullness and weakness, making the hair extremely soft and shiny. It will produce instant results after one treatment and would lasts for up to 6 months visiting your hair stylist at least once a moth and using the maintenance products at home.

Save Time On Treatment

Reduce the time and labor of the treatment. You only dry and straighten the hair once.

Pure Organic

We use organic ingredients processed  for the best absorption of the strand.

Natural Care

Our system restructures the strand, nourishing it from the inside out.

What is a
Keratin Treatment?

Keratin is a structural protein found in our hair, skin, and nails. It’s also commonly found in styling products to help strengthen and smooth hair strand, but the term keratin treatment is actually a misnomer. Keratin treatments are progressive hair straightening that smooth and add shine to frizzy hair.

To make hair straighter, a chemical compound, (carbocysteine), worked through the hair strand breaking the bonds, letting keratin and other amino acids in and reseal them in a straighter position. Our solution is rinse then blow-dried and sealed with a flat iron, and the results can last anywhere from three to six months.  The treatment works well on all hair types.

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